Friday, August 1, 2014

United Nation and Media bias against Isreal

The Russians shot down a civilian plane with 298 innocent people including children and infants. They fell thousands of feet from the sky and slammed into the ground. No apology. No ceasing
of military actions. No real outcry from the United Nations or the Media.
But Isreal takes out military targets, that have human shields placed there by Hamas and Isreal
is blamed.
What is wrong with this picture.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Obama Ruining the USA

Obama was elected not to run the USA but to RUIN the USA.He has fundamentally changed the USA as he said he would. When something benefits the USA he puts it on hold. When something will damage the USA he passes it through executive order. When Obama does this he goes around the people and the congress and the senate. Welcome to our Dictator President Obama.
Obama has his people in control of the agencies that control that control we the people: THE IRS, THE NSA, THE HOMELAND SECURITY and THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. If and when Obama gets control of the SUPREME COURT it will be all over. The final fundamental change will be the change of our designation from "Citizen" to "Comrade".

Saturday, January 12, 2013


            Oh say can you see
            What we once held so high
            Our Freedom replaced
            By a drone in the sky

Americans are giving up their freedoms for Government protection.
Government I believe should protect our society from illegal activities and invasion.
I do not believe they should interfere with our lawful daily activities and freedoms.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This Election Too Important

For those voters who are opposed to Obama being re-elected, I beg you to vote only for Romney/Ryan. The reason is: This Election is Too Important for the Suvival of Our Country.
Obama has to be defeated by a wide margin  to really be effective. Obama and his administration have only one agenda and that is to take Our Country down period. Even if he loses, Obama will try to circumvent the congress and senate and he will try to enforce his agenda before he leaves office. This is the most dangerous and destructive administration ever.
 We cannot afford to lose this election. Throwing your votes to prove a point will only play into Obama. Again I beg you not to throw your vote. I voted for Perot and I got Clinton I have learned from my mistake. We are not a perfect country. We can always do better. So let us pray that Obama loses. Once that happens, we will be on our way back. I believe The USA should be #1. God Bless America and its people.

Embasy attack "The Truth Will Prevail"

"The Truth Will Prevail" Never has this statement been so meaningful. The truth about the attack on our Libyan consulate and the murder of our Ambassador is finally being told. I believe it will show
that this Administration failed to do the main thing that they are elected to do. That is Protect Our Country and its people. This Obama administration has been a total failure in everything they have
dealt with. I believe this has happened because they do not represent the true American Spirit of Our Country.
They are attempting to fundamentally change Our Country into a communist, marxist, socialist state.
They want to take away the right to bear arms.
They are cowtowing to the muslim brotherhood and its objective of sharia law.
They have even positioned some of the muslim brotherhood people in strategic areas of Our Government.
They have been involved in the "Fast and Furious" project.
They have continuously lied to the American people. This is not holding back information. This is out and out lying and covering up .This is an impeachable offense. Why the media and our congress and senate do not act on this is beyond me.
They are incarcerating "whistle blowers" for attempting to expose government impropieties.
This is just the surface. WAKE UP AMERICA or we will be taken over from within. Just like the Roman Empire.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Obama's Foriegn Policy

I believe the attack on our consulate in Libya says it all. Obama's administration on foriegn policy is
"What happens in Benghazi stays in Benghazi!". Can you picture Obama sleeping soundly at 3AM while Our Ambassador is screaming for help and more security. Then after he is murdered on our soil in Libya ( a country we helped liberate from a dictator ) , they blame the attack on a video.
Then when the truth comes out they cover it up and suppress the evidence.
Our Country is in grave danger from this administration.  God Help America!